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Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2nd Edition


When the team behind a rising rap label hits the big time, the foundation on which they built their lives starts to unravel. Rap star Darius "D-Rock", who's secretly engaged to his high school sweetheart, struggles to come to terms with her newly revealed pregnancy. And his entourage, burdened with their own unique demons, struggle to keep Darius's  career afloat while suddenly managing the arrival of Radiance, a malicious video model looking to bring the group to ruin.


For all the benefits of the success they worked so hard to achieve, the group is consumed by secrets, addiction and the need for more. But when they receive the first of many threatening messages, they have no idea where to turn - towards the safety of irrelevance, or on each other?


This book is intended for mature audiences. 

Realistic, hard-hitting and at the same time rifle with tenderness and emotion, this novel was so hard to put down that I finished it in one sitting! Great job, Ms. Gardner and I look forward to your next literary achievement! 


Arnaldo Lopez, Jr., Author of award winning thriller "Chickenhawk"

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